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Revolutionary bread slicing system made in Germany

Hygiene revolution: encapsulated drive system above the cutting area:

  • No contamination points below the cut surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cutting system to minimize cutting noise
  • Self-developed machine control with an intuitive control panel
  • Bread length measurement without light barrier



The new, encapsulated drive system above the cutting area offers many advantages:

  • Encapsulated drive system above the cutting area.
  •  No dirt below the cut surface.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Revolutionary bread cutting system that minimizes cutting noise
  • Self-developed machine control with intuitive control panel

TS30plus RS II GRANDE cordless bread slicer – 24 volts

Professional cordless circular blade bread slicer

Completely self-sufficient bread cutting even without a power connection, thanks to battery operation (protected MW-Schickart development).

Cut loaves of bread up to 32 cm in diameter for up to 2 days without a power connection.

  • Ideal for sales vehicles
  • Enorm Leistungsstarker Antrieb
  • Enormously powerful drive
  • Sliding thickness adjustable from 5-25mm
  • Innovative non-stick coating on blade and swing arm - according to EU regulation (2018/2013)
  • Available in 3 model variations - (24V battery operation / 230V operation / and combined as 24V battery operation + 230 V operation + integrated charger)

KBA & KBT Series

Dumpling Bread Slicing Machines

Faster than the dumpling water boils – KBW is the specialist for dumpling bread cubes.

Load the day before rolls into the stainless steel hopper and in seconds the machine will produce even 10 x 10mm cubes.

  • Ideal for aged rolls, white bread and baguettes
  • Disc thickness 4 mm
  • The KBA processes up to 4,500 rolls and the KBT up to 1,500 rolls per hour

Die KBW Series

The machine for dumpling bread in cubes

Faster than the dumpling water boils

KBW dumpling bread machines for dumpling bread in cubes - made in Germany.
The perfect machine for diced dumpling bread - now in two versions (chute and hopper) and for two cube sizes - 8 x 8 mm and 10 x 10 mm.

  • Ideal for aged white pastries
  • High cutting performance thanks to automatic cutting feed
  • Clean cut due to long blade service life
  • Easy loading thanks to the integrated clippings hopper

Die BS Series

Pretzel and roll cutting machine

Proper slicing - with the Schickart BS series

Precise cutting of pretzels and rolls up to a height of 5.5 cm.
Very easy to cut in the middle and evenly with separate height adjustment.

Variably adjustable cutting height up to 5.5 cm
  • Oil-free cutting for real taste
  • User-friendly and safe handling thanks to proven two-hand operation
  • Service-friendly: The simple knife change with the clever screw mechanism
  • Highest cutting quality